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  • Katie Vetro

3D Printing and CAD... with 10 year olds?

The Flashforge Finder 3D printer has arrived at Buxton Center Elementary School! Thanks to a grant from the Perloff Foundation, students are now able to print their 3D designs on a printer.

A Flashforge Finder 3D printer used by the K-5 students at Buxton Center Elementary School.

The printer, which uses a polylactic acid (PLA) filament, is an exciting and engaging way to introduce 3D design, modeling, and printing to students at the elementary level. The printer extrudes filament thinner than the width of a human hair at approximately 220 degrees Celsius (or 428 degrees Fahrenheit) and creates objects by printing layer by layer. Objects printed so far include a toothpaste pusher, a BCES badge holder, a fidget cube, a gyroscopic keyring, and an iPad stand.

Ms. Carter’s fourth grade class is currently piloting an open-source curriculum called City X. This curriculum takes kids through a journey of empathizing with and problem-solving for a group of earthlings who are colonizing a new planet, City X. They could not bring all of the tools they need to their new planet, so our students are designing and printing tools and solutions that will meet the needs of these City X citizens. Students are solving problems that concern food, the environment, energy, transportation, health, safety, education, and more.

Student projects are expected to be on display at the end of the unit in April. Stay tuned for an update on their designs and learning!

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